Indoor hockey is a variation of field hockey played in the off season (late Sept till end Feb) with modified rules:

  • smaller playing court with sideboards;

  • reduced number of players on court;

  • no hitting the ball, only pushing;

  • the ball must be played along the ground only.

This allows participation for players in a faster, more exciting and safer environment. We are limited to the number of teams than can be accepted due to our venue availability and size despite operating seven (7) days a week in season.  Indoor hockey participation is considered a more 'social' form of the game despite pathways to international teams & FIH World Cup. Notwithstanding the deemed 'social' nature, we elect to formulate and manage teams into a structured divisions with fixtures based upon grading of submitted team nominations.

Players will need to form their own teams (min. of 8 and max. of 12) either through friends or hockey clubs, then submit a Team Nomination Form prior to the closing date. Teams will then be 'sorted' into divisions and advised outcomes, any grading games, competition fixtures and team fees payable.


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