Playing Venue

Playing Venue

Kedron State High School (KSHS) - Indoor Sports Hall, 34 Park Road, Wooloowin, Qld has been our playing venue since 2010 season.

The playing venue is on school grounds, hired from Education Dept., therefore, we must compile with usage rules, namely:

  • no smoking or alcohol consumption allowed on the school premises (includes carpark)

  • no marking or high heel shoes are to be worn on the playing surface

  • no food or drink (ex. water) allowed inside the sports hall

  • no misuse of venue or equipment - only to be used as per hire agreement (play indoor hockey)

  • any damage must be immediately reported to venue supervisor

  • Access to the carpark and sports hall is restricted to 30 minutes prior to first scheduled game or session.

The BIHL Venue Supervisor has the authority and discretion to 'eject' any player or spectator from the playing venue for breaches of the above rules or Hockey Code of Conduct with the 'incident' reported to BIHL Committee.

The carpark at the rear of the sports hall is provided for players / spectators, however like most carparks, it is at the user's 'own risk' with external lighting often reduced after 10 pm.

Like most sports and activities - participation is at your 'own risk'. Injury ice is available on-site plus basic bandages for cuts, however, players / teams should self-cater for any injuries.

Internal view of playing venue


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